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Chilli Devils @ The New Clarence

The Menu

Chilli Menu
Burger Menu
When we speak about our "Chilli Menu", it has to be said we use the term "chilli" quite loosely; if it has chilli in the ingredients, it's in our remit! As a result you'll find dishes on our menu from just about every continent and lots of different countries and cuisines. What you'll not find is the same menu week in and week out... Some dishes, like our signature beef, beer & bacon chilli, are almost permanent fixtures, others, like buffalo mole or curry goat, depend on what we have to hand this week...  
Our chilli menu today is:

Gourmet 6oz Burgers

Chilli Devil's gourmet burgers at The New Clarence
All our burgers are served in a light brioche bun, with salad and relish.
6oz Burger
6oz Double cheese burger
6oz Double cheese and bacon burger
6oz Burger with pulled pork
6oz Burger with smoked chilli sauce
Cheesy chips
Buffalo Mole at The New Clarence