All The Things We Did Together...

September 29, 2023 - Reading time: 3 minutes

What makes a pub a "community pub"? Well you may ask, and there may be more than one answer, but without doubt part of any answer must be what happens there. So, just for the record, here's a little list of the things that happened at The New Clarence (apart from drinking, eating and generally making merry...).

Things we did together...

Beer festivals


Open mics


Folk nights

Rock nights

Acoustic nights

Film nights

Quiz nights

Darts matches

Birthday parties

Engagement parties

Wedding receptions


Retirement parties


Christmas parties

Local history nights

Band nights

Student music nights

Science talks

Comedy nights

Band rehearsals

Choir practices

Poetry workshops

Comedy workshops

Acting workshops

Arts group meetings

Adult fans of LEGO nights

Charity meetings (Hull DGR raised £19,000 this year)

Charity race nights

War games day

Umpires Association meetings

Fishing club meetings

Business reunions

CAMRA meetings

CAMRA socials

Forces reunions

Mental health group meetings

Ukrainian refugee support meetings

Trades union meetings

Local political party meetings

Chess club meetings

Local residents meetings (re planning applications)

Smiel Moots (Tolkien Society meetings)

Samaritans Volunteer training event

Hopefully one day soon we'll be in a position to add to that little list...

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